WordPress plugin: Admin Anti-forget Alarm

ATENÇÃO: Este conteúdo foi publicado há 6 anos. Eu talvez nem concorde mais com ele. Se é um post sobre tecnologia, talvez não faça mais sentido. Mantenho neste blog o que escrevo desde os 14 anos por motivos históricos. Leia levando isso em conta.

I wrote a small WordPress plugin to prevent users from publishing a post without excerpt or thumbnail, or with a too big excerpt, or with a too small thumbnail, or with an uppercase-only title.

This screenshot is showing some of the messages the plugin displays in portuguese.

For some of my websites it’s important to require the editors to fix some stuff before publishing something, and it looks like this is a useful feature for other people as well. There is even a Require Thumbnail plugin in the WordPress Plugin Directory that seems to do one of the things I’ve just implemented.

The plugin works with two different types of requirements: ths first generates errors (i.e., you can’t publish if you don’t fix it) and the second generates warnings (i.e., you will receive a message but you can proceed to publish if you really want to do that).

I thought of not releasing the plugin (because it’s written in Portuguese and you don’t have a cool interface to decide what’s required yet), but in a fashion of overstated bazaar I decided to push the code anyway (without putting in the WordPress plugin directory, of course) so that other people can collaborate if they want to. Take a look :)

Github project home page: https://github.com/tmadeira/antiforget
Git repository to clone: https://github.com/tmadeira/antiforget.git
Code (PHP): https://github.com/tmadeira/antiforget/blob/master/antiforget.php
Download: antiforget.zip (this is pre-alpha: I provide no warranty!)

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