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Final mundial do ICPC no Egito é adiada

ATENÇÃO: Este conteúdo foi publicado há 7 anos. Eu talvez nem concorde mais com ele. Se é um post sobre tecnologia, talvez não faça mais sentido. Mantenho neste blog o que escrevo desde os 14 anos por motivos históricos. Leia levando isso em conta.

Dear Participant,

The 2011 World Finals is postponed.

Contact your travel agent or airline for a refund or travel voucher.
Consular Travel Warnings should make it easier for you to avoid penalties.

The earliest date will be the last week of May.
Please block the last week of May on your calendar.

Please block the last week of June on your calendar.
The month of July and the first two weeks of August are also under consideration.

We hope to announce the date by February 10th.
We plan to announce both the place and date by February 28th.

I look forward to seeing every one at a spectacular World Finals later this year.


If you need accommodations in Sharm El Sheikh from February 20 – March 5,
please contact .